Three Cliffs Bay, Gower


Sportingly-minded squirrel-loving Japanophile.

Grew up on the coast.

Wodehouse reader, worshipper of Koreeda.

Ex-devourer of toast.

Distance runner, language lover; I'm not my mother.

But it's close.

Travel-addicted cellist-afflicted disciple of Calvin & Hobbes.

Welcoming host.

Origami maker, photo taker, slideshow creator.

See you later.


2017: BAM Ritchies corporate calendar 2017
2016: BAM Ritchies corporate calendaer 2016
2015: BAM Ritchies corporate calendar 2015
2014: BAM Ritchies corporate calendar 2014
2013: BAM Ritchies corporate calendar 2013
2013: Brunt & Fussel Estate Agent website
2012: South Essex College graduation ceremony brochure
2012: BAM Ritchies corporate calendar 2012
2012: Wirtualna Polska Slovenia gallery
2012: Legasee Educational Trust, World War II Veterans video campaign leaflet
2011: Exploring Britain's Churches and Chapels book, National Churches Trust/The AA
2011: Heroism in the Harry Potter Series book, Dr Katrin Berndt
2011: BAM Ritchies corporate calendar 2011
2010: Bath: City on Show book
2010: Bath's Old Orchard Street Theatre book
2010: BAM Ritchies corporate calendar 2010
2010: Bath Chronicle newspaper
2010: Bath Life magazine
2009: Bath Abbey marketing
2009: Bath International Dance Festival marketing
2009: Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation, International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
2009: About Time Fundraising LLC 'Beauty Reflected' calendar
2009: Bath Life magazine
2008: Team Up by ELI S.r.l, Italian education textbook
2008: Bath Chronicle newspaper
2008: Bath Life magazine cover
2008: What Digital Camera magazine
2008: Budownictwo, Technologie, Architektura, Polish magazine

Group Exhibitions

In association with Bath in Time.
2010: Living Bath
2009: City on Show
2008: Lost and Found
2007: Old and New